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Engineered to Last a Lifetime

 Seamless Poles are made of ductile iron which is an engineered material with certified minimum strength and excellent corrosion resistance.
 Seamless Poles weigh 1/2 of wood poles and fire proof
 They use standard pole line hardware and can be handled with standard capacity bucket trucks.
 Ductile iron has a  high strength to weight ratio and the dimpled surfaces reduces wind resistance and resists storm damage better
 The round uniformly tapered shape is esthetically pleasing
Poles can be supplies with pre-drilled holes or easily drilled in the field and.
 Seamless Poles eliminate pesticides and are woodpecker proof and are made of recycled steel
Seamless poles have an 80 year life expectancy and residual value after service not a landfill liability
Available in 35 to 60 feet heights

Our roots are in the pole line hardware business in Birmingham, AL.  Years ago we had a vision of casting a tapered utility pole in 60 seconds. We found the near perfect material in ductile iron: light weight, strong, corrosion resistant and economical. We believed a low cost engineered pole would revolutionize the distribution pole market, but we were told it could not be done by every centrifugal caster in the United States. After years of struggle and dead ends our research and development paid off, for on Jan 2, 2006 with newly developed tools, equipment and process controls, we made the world’s first centrifugally cast ductile iron pole. Today, we can’t imagine a more efficient way to make an engineered strength pole than our patented process. SPI has continued with improvements and has additional patents pending.

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Made in 60 second, Engineered to Last a Lifetime


Ductile Iron Poles